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June 4, 2008

I’ve been featured on TigerPress, an interesting UK-based illustration/design blog which is a card company who are related to Marks & Sparks Spencer’s.

They did describe the blog as a ‘virtual sketchbook’, which made me realise that images have been thin on the ground here recently. I found a couple of old bits of work (in this case, I was about 17) which, actually, are not that far away from some of the work I’ve been doing lately – with the exception of being in genuine dip’n’scratch, with it’s blobby inaccuracies, rather than than the bog-standard pens I tend to use these days.

My sister in a tree – final piece for my art AS-level, approximately A2-sized (AS levels being what they are, I probably had to justify this drawing my pretending it represented something deep and meaningful, over ‘it’s fun!’)

We also had a class spent drawing the hair of the person next to you. Luckily, Katie had really awesome, curly hair which I still love to draw (though more stylistically). This is probably around A3 sized, and in real life, her face is/was not all… weird-shaped.

I have still got a few sketchbooks from my teen years, involving a brief flirtation with a toned-down anime style and, that terrifying thing, fan art. Brace yourselves, it may be coming soon..!