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Show Prep!

June 19, 2008

I’ve spent the last couple of days setting up stuff for my degree show. I have my work on the wall, my portfolio readied, my business cards neatly arranged and my postcards arrived super last-minute in the post yesterday evening. Huzzah!

Here’s a sneaky-peak on what’s goin’ down…

The space is, um, a trifle industrial (they built bits of the channel tunnel there! Or something!) but when it’s nicely lit and shared with fine art/graphics/ceramics/animation, it should look awesome. To give you a sense of scale, the banners on the wall are 9 foot by 5 foot, and they take up a teeny percentage of the room.

Towards the end of yesterday I ended up having to cut up a number of sketchbooks to make into… an uber-sketchbook! I had to try to master Japanese book-binding at 1AM to have it completed for today. It went pretty well, considering all the pages were different shapes and sizes and loose-leaf – I’ve done it once before, bound the book too tight, and am never making that mistake again

I would dearly love to rest (a lot!) after tonight, but I got a place on a D&AD workshop next Wednesday, and need to work on a creative mail-out for self-publicity. No rest for the wicked, I suppose…