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Cosy little roughs

December 1, 2010

So baby, it’s cold outside & I have ‘flu, so I thought I’d update with some sketches/roughs I’ve done semi-recently… each was coloured briefly in Photoshop only after the commissions were over.

Originally this was a rough for Sketchbook Magazine’s 2nd issue & their article on Tavi. They didn’t run with it as it’s not ‘fun’ enough, which may be true, but there’s something I still like about this picture…

This image & the one following were roughs for a private commission – a gift for a newly-married but mature couple who love cats!

In the end they ran with this. Now I’m working on a new illo for a very nice lady who bought som of my work at Sketchbook’s Silent Auction, in addition to a new Steampunk book cover & some basic interior layouts for children’s books.

If you would like to commission me for personal or commercial work, don’t hesitate to ask! I don’t bite and love to work on new things! 😀


Let’s Party! Fashion illustration / sketchbook page

September 15, 2010

Random sketch idea, inspired by vintage fashion pattern packaging illustrations (and those old Janet & John children’s books. “Janet pets the dog. See the dog run!”). My mum had lots when I was little, and I always loved the pictures:

I used to imagine stories around the characters in the pictures! If you like a bit of reto fashion & vintage dress patterns, you should check out A Dress a Day blog if you haven’t already. So much love!

Prangsta Costumiers illustration

August 25, 2010

Another fashion illustration for Amelia’s Magzine – this one of a costume from Prangsta’s Costumiers. The costumes and photography on their website is simply stunning. Sadly I can’t imagine I’ll ever have the chance to bring them my custom!

My illo:

A few of their photos:

Gone Fishin’

November 6, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Don’t often use PhotoShop but wanted to do this is colour quickly and painlessly (about 40 mins).