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Happy Almost-Christmas!

December 17, 2008

Almost Christmas; I have had some big fat technical issues lately (my hard-drive on my “new” powerbook died), but thankfully they’ve been resolved now! Also, I am a good girl who backs up regularly 0:) So no harm, no foul in this case.

I have had my xmas cards printed up via, they turned out pretty good! Am sending them off to publishers and the like now. Fingers crossed that they get a good (any?) response.

Finally, something Christmassy from Jeunet et Caro, for all those who find festive cheer a little excessive (or found Amelie too cutesy but loved the style):

Bon nuit!


Christmas Cards!

November 18, 2008

Christmas may not be due for several weeks, but I’ve been working on some card designs which I plan to put in my Etsy shop (not yet set up, coming soon…). I’m also going to do a mail-out to art directors who might be interested in my work.

Xmas Cards

These are them at the still-planning-but-almost-finished stage. Might do one more, and then I need to start on a comission from Doctor Logic; mouse-mat designs! Pretty ones! Pretty is something that I can do.