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Sketchbook Update!

June 13, 2009

One of the prettiest things in my new place is my boyfriend’s chandelier, made of black cut glass and bought in an antiques shop on Portabello Road. Gives our appt a touch of drama…


Time for a sketchbook update, right??







April 30, 2008

Work is going not-so-well at the moment; the main issue is that I’m injured! I spilt near-boiling water on my legs and had to go to hospital and get a load of skin removed. I’m sill rather sore and need crutches to get around. Everything takes 5 times longer, or can’t be done at all. I’m also trying to get a new housemate, which means I have to travel backwards and forwards or chase people up at inconvenient times. All this and a very important deadline in just over a week! 

Never mind; enjoy this nice picture of some birds instead: