Bikes, bikes, bikes!

My entry for the AOI/Transport For London competition to design a poster to get people cycling. I took a load of photos of bikes in my local area and turned them into drawings – like dogs often seem to, each bike reflects the personality of its owner, and there’s one to suit all tastes, needs and budget!


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6 Responses to “Bikes, bikes, bikes!”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Ohh I love this!! I wish I’d had time to enter this comp

  2. Shanda Says:

    I love this!! Great work!

  3. Mike Hall Says:

    This is really cool Rachel! I saw an actual penny farthing today.

  4. Tanya Smith Says:

    Hi There,

    Bikes Without Borders is a global charity (pardon our current website- we are in the middle of rebranding) using bikes as tools for development in marginalized communities. I stumbled upon this bike poster and a wondering if you still have the rights to this artwork (or does the competition)? Would it be something you might be willing to share with a charity to help us create a poster for our Great BIke Recycle. A concept we are starting in Toronto, Canada this year and hoping to grow internationally.

    Tanya Smith,
    Bikes Without Borders
    (416) 432-4801

    If you’d like to stay more connected to Bikes Without Borders you can “like” us on Facebook:

  5. Matteo Lucarelli Says:

    amazing illustation, I have to share it.

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