New Beginnings – a wedding gift commission (awww)

A couple of weeks ago I took on a rather fun commission – a piece of art based on the theme of ‘new beginnings’ to be given as a wedding gift! As final artwork (as opposed to a digital file to print) was the aim, I busted out my pen and inks and drew… and painted… and inked…


Then I packaged it up &and handed it over. Not something I am used to doing in this age of new-fangled technology!

Coming soon – my first fully illustrated book cover for an awesome Steampunk novel by new writer Alex Keller! *happy dance*


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5 Responses to “New Beginnings – a wedding gift commission (awww)”

  1. Diana Evans Says:

    oh what a wonderful piece!!! great work!!!

  2. Shanda Says:

    you did a wonderful job!!

  3. Niffiwan Says:

    That’s beautiful. I especially love the ink work on the birds’ wings.

  4. Helen de Ste Croix Says:

    Kay and Derick were extremely happy with it too.

  5. Cosy little roughs « Some Words with Pictures Says:

    […] the end they ran with this. Now I’m working on a new illo for a very nice lady who bought som of my work at […]

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