The Enchanted Palace…

This weekend I paid a visit to the Enchanted Palace Exhibition at Kensington Palace. At £12.50 a visit, it isn’t cheap, but if you love art and fashion with a strong dose of wistfulness and a dreamy, lost-in-time feel, this is worth shelling out for (besides – the V&A, Science and Natural History Museums are all within a mile and are totally free!). As I worked there last summer, often ending up alone in big, empty rooms waiting for the next glut of guests to arrive, I know that the palace has its creepy moments even without the added mood lighting/sound installations. Now it’s as if the palace has been taken over by ghosts of the past, who sing and play and dance, whilst wildlife creeps into corners – eggs in the fireplace, foxes nesting in a wardrobe, branches reaching across windows.

If what you are after is a day filled with historical facts and no whimsical nonsense, this probably isn’t for you (as a glance at the visitor’s book will confirm – some very unhappy people out there). I hadn’t realised that half the palace had been closed for renovations, and so was a little disappointed not to be able to see the downstairs, but there was enough dark whimsy to keep me happy regardless.

Without further ado – the photos (taken by Michael Jin, who is a far cooler rebellious rule-breaker than I could ever hope to be):


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2 Responses to “The Enchanted Palace…”

  1. Juana Martinez-Neal Says:

    I nominated you for the Sunshine Award 😀

  2. Precious Little Says:

    Aw, why thank you 🙂

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