Precious Little – new logo & self-portrait!

I know I’ve been threatening a new website launch and it hasn’t happened yet, but life has been a busy place recently! Also I set out a whole new website design, thinking to get in some new branding, and then decided that it just … doesn’t quite work.

But I’ve finally taken the time to sit down and think more carefully, put pen to paper and Wacom to Photoshop and made myself my first real logo:

Not to mention my first self-portrait since I was ten and was made to for a school project. It’s for my ‘About’ page (and is here for you in glorious technicolour just in case you wondered what I look like with my face almost entirely obscured by a cup of tea):

The new website will include a bunch of design work that didn’t ‘fit’ on my old site, including some real live published books! Awesome!


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One Response to “Precious Little – new logo & self-portrait!”

  1. Mademoiselle G Says:

    Just discovered your blog, and I love your work! ^^ Have a nice week end!

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