Everyone else is so busy..!

Well golly-gosh, 1 year on from leaving uni, some of my ex-classmates (and indeed tutors) have some exciting stuff going on. In no particular order:

Exhibit A:
sparrow by Alan Baker
My ex-tutor, Alan ‘Charming’ Baker, has been signed up by the managers of Green Day, and therefore featured on the BBC news, various papers, and so-on. How that works, I don’t really know, but it seem to be a big deal!

Exhibit B: by Mike HallMike Hall has some work in a new exhibition at at Soup Gallery at 124 Whitechapel Road in London – further details are on his blog.

Exhibit C: Zack McLaughlin, has a book out – bluebunnyThe Finding of Blue Bunny

Exhibit D: nichola-moore-actions-speak
The very delightful (but, alas, website-less) Nichola Moore has an exhibition atThe Changing Room Gallery in Waltham Forest, about the emotions and experiences herself and other epileptics have had. I’ve known Nic for 12 years and her work gets better every year, so be sure to check it out if you’re in the area!


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