Swan Princess

Swan Princess

My alternative Odette, with a crown of swan-bones and feathers. But still looking (too?) cute…

It doesn’t look it, but I was inspired initially by A Company of Liars. The book has several fairy-tales worked into it – one of the characters tells the tale of how he became part swan, another of how she helped a mother wolf, and so on. As per the title – and besides that the book is technically set in the medieval ‘real world’ – everyone is lying. Which adds to the fun.

I’ve had a cultural week! Aside from having a jolly good read, I visited the London Book Fair and the Kuniyoshi exhibition. His work is utterly amazing, and the exhibition has a huge range of prints and paintings. Totally worth seeing! I also want to see the Summer Exhibition and PG Waterhouse show when they roll around. I could keep the gallery running single-handed!


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One Response to “Swan Princess”

  1. mashadutoit Says:

    Hi – I happened on your post through the wordpress related links. It seems we have swans in common 🙂


    I like your swan – bone headdress. Am going to spend some time reading around here, now…

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