Sketchbook Update

Treetop Voyeur

Been busy! Again! Which will make my bank account much happier than it has been in awhile…

I’ve been doing some very corporate/commercial illustration work for a fairly large company via an ad agency (not to be seen by the general public, alas alack), and I’m still designing some educational/promotional materials AND a book layout for Mogzilla (I will get my name on a book! That earns me cool points, right?).

This week, though, I’ve been really quite ill at home. My diet has consisted of tiny snack-sized ‘meals’ of boiled rice and – when I feel really daring – stock cubes. Today I have graduated onto porridge with raisons. Beyond that, the rule is now ‘any food, so long as it’s beige’.

Also: doesn’t the design and general ‘look’ of the new Where The Wild Things Are poster look great?? I found the book kind of scary when I was little, so I’m glad that it doesn’t look like it’s been turned into a cutesy yuck-fest or something!
Wild Things


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