Campaign for Drawing

I know, I know… my recent lack of updates is disgraceful! I have just been rather busy of late, doing a little bit of everything.

Last week I worked at Kensington Palace; this week and next, I am at Dorling Kindersley helping them to put together books for an upcoming book fair – and I mean literally sticking layouts into blank books, sticking bits together, that kind of thing. It’s not exciting in terms of what I’m doing, but moreso in terms of where I am and who I could meet. In publishing, it’s not what you know but who know, often as not…

This weekend I’m also volunteering as a creative assistant at The Campaign for Drawing, which is going to be FUN 😀 London-based people: come along! The Wellcome centre is worth visiting regardless, it has a couple of interesting, permanent exhibitions on art and science which are FREE. In fact, the whole weekend is FREE. So you really have no excuse 😉

& now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get dressed for work… those bits of paper won’t stick themselves!


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