leather sketchbook of love

I have long admired the beautiful, shiny leather sketchbooks for sale around Camden, Notting Hill and their ilk, but have been loath to spend £10+ on a decently-sized one.

So I was rather happy to find a big box of £3 – £5 ones in the stables at Camden on Thursday. It is slightly weather-damaged, but the beautiful colour and textured pages (not to mention the low, low price!) were calling to me…

The scan doesn’t do it justice – it’s a good 2 inches thick, for a start – but what do I care? I have already started filling it with sketches of my neighbourhood.

Also, Design by Humans is adding to the inspiration. Their t-shirt designs are new and exciting if you are bored with seeing the same-old, same-old stuff on the high street…


Yesterday I invested in a new laptop battery for Dennis (my iBook G4) but he still won’t charge properly. Poor old Dennis; it looks like it will soon be time for Dennis V.2! Such a shame – I have become emotionally attached over the years (a danger of naming things! I would not be good at breeding animals for eating, I think…) Plus a new Mac will set me back a fair whack, and I don’t have space for a good desk-top set up, which would be my preferred evolution.

I might have a commission for a leaflet for an IT company leaflet. It involves 1950s housewives and their pretty Macs (the computer, not the coat). Not sure how far the work will go towards funding my own new one, sadly!


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