Degree Show & D&AD

I’ve been neglecting this blog lately, I know! Partially because of the recent “incident” involving near-boiling water, my legs a trip to A&E and a pair of crutches, but also because this event coincided with the final deadline for my degree. Fun times!

This all being over now, the next step on the ladder is my degree show, to which you are all invited:

18 – 30 June 2008, P3, Baker Street, London (opposite Madame Tussaud’s)

It is set apart from all the ‘Free Range’ palaver in Brick Lane, which may or may not be a good thing. P3 seems a good space; the 2nd largest exhibition hall in London (after the Turbine Hall in the Tate Modern) it usually hosts fashion shows by TopShop and the like, as well as other big, flashy events, so we’ll be haring it with all the other Westminster ‘MAD’ (ahhh, acronyms, where would we be without you?) grads. I should also be getting my work on a 5×9 banner, which I will be permitted to keep for purposes undecided.

My work is also going to be featured at D&AD: New Blood:

New Blood, 23 – 25th June 2008, Brompton Hall, Earls Court, London

I’ve been asked to attend the private view, which could be rather exciting! Huzzah 🙂


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