Interesting Bits & Bobs

I’ve pretty much finished working on my Red Shoes pictures – for now! – and have moved on to my next mini-project, which involves curses & blessings within folk tales & fairy-stories. The series might become a set of trading-cards if all goes to plan…

Most fairy-tale ‘blessings’ are pretty dull (and gender-appropriate; physical beauty, good singing voice, wisdom, etc., etc.) but I currently like the one in which the crone thanks her helper by making jewels and flowers fall from her mouth when she speaks forever afterwards. Because, you know, that’s so practical, and would never, ever get irritating. But that’s fairy-tale logic for you, I suppose.

For all things fairy-tale related, including illustrations, I recommend a visit to the lovely, useful Sur la Lune.


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One Response to “Interesting Bits & Bobs”

  1. michaeljin Says:

    Tell you what might be really interesting; the actual creative/illustrative process; or at least bits of it.

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